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I'm a magazine writer slash mommy.


Langer loksh is a Yiddish nickname that my dad used to call me. It means long noodle and you pronounce it "lung-a luck-sha."

I started this blog to keep friends and family informed about my son Charlie, who was born with something called hemifacial microsomia. The right side of his face is sort of squished and his right ear looks like a shiitake mushroom. He has moderate to severe hearing loss in that ear. People were worried about him. He's OK. In fact he's great. He's a typical kindergartener who loves to build pillow forts.

Along the way I discovered that sometimes, my magical daughter Summer, now a third grader, and my crazy baby Oscar, a Terrible Two, prove more challenging to parent.

My husband Jeff has 18 first cousins. My Grandma Sophie lived to be almost 104. I won $64,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


Yoga, ice cream, mike's hard lime, my Canon Rebel xTi digital slr camera, my Taylor guitar that I haven't played in six months.